Scotland Supports Palestine is a united effort by various groups that focus on Palestine year round, together with others committed to freedom for the Palestinian people. Contact us to to learn about events already being organised in your area and/or to arrange an event yourself during Scotland Supports Palestine week. Meetings, film shows, testimonies, sponsored walks, exhibitions, debates, activities of every kind during the week Monday 8 - Sunday 14 May with public demonstrations large and small across Scotland to take place on Saturday May 13th.

Palestine is the longest-running crime scene of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The British government launched and oversaw the European colonisation of Palestine and to this day is deeply complicit in all of Israel's crimes against the Palestinian people.

Scotland Supports Palestine is a co-operative effort to demonstrate widespread Scottish support for Palestinian freedom and to express the equally widespread revulsion at the crimes of the apartheid state of Israel.

Beginning in 2023 and every year thereafter there will be a week of events across Scotland to educate and organise more and more effective support to the Palestinian people under the Israeli jackboot. We hope large numbers of people from every walk of life will contribute events large and small to a very loud message that Scotland Supports Palestine.